Letter to Parents – Home School Agreement

4 February 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian

The relationship between the family home and the college is a critical one. It ensures that we are all working together to support each student and aware of any issues that may have arisen. This relationship is set out in the ‘Home School Agreement’ (attached) and our ‘Communication Policy’ (attached) on communicating with home explains what a response may look like. These communication chains are critical if we are to work together for the benefit of all students, but particularly your own child.

As a large and busy college, we know that we must work hard to build positive communication between college and home. We strive to ensure that we respond to all parental contact and that we build positive relationships through clear, accurate information. This is something that must be nurtured constantly and at no point should any parent or guardian not have answers to their questions. As a community, we will be discussing how we can continue to build on the success of our practice so far, making better use of tools such as MyEd and a revised website.

Recently, there have been occasions where individual parents have not lived up to our ‘Home School Agreement’. Where such circumstances occur, we will always attempt to find a quick and mutually agreed solution and we welcome and are grateful for the many parents who work with us to serve their children. A minority of parents have on occasion, become aggressive or verbally abusive either in person or over the telephone. Where incidents such as this occur, it is the college’s right to terminate the contract and, should it be necessary, ban entry to the building and only communicate through formal channels. Such action is drastic and regrettable, but necessary for those who demonstrate such behaviour.

In the past week, the college has taken action to ban a parent from entering the building following a violent outburst in reception that caused damage to the building and emotional harm to the staff, parents and students who witnessed it. The response from the parent was inappropriate and did not give the college an opportunity to share what steps had been taken and which agencies were involved to support their child. This rare incident is neither the approach we wish to foster nor the experience of the large majority of parents within our community. We are a reflective college, seeking always to be better today than we were yesterday. We accept that communication can be difficult at times but acknowledge that we play a critical part in improving this. However, it is an agenda that we must do together.

I would, therefore, be grateful if all parents and guardians could remind themselves of our ‘Home School Agreement’ and the ‘College Communication policy.’ Additionally, if you believe that you are having difficulty receiving feedback from a request or contact, please do email h.cassell@newmanrc.oldham.sch.uk

Yours sincerely,

Mr G R Potts

Home College Agreement Home-college communication Policy 2019 (003)

Home-college communication Policy 2019 (003)