Beauty & The Beast 2019

With a record number of pupils attending, theaudition process was a real showcase of the absolutely amazing talent we have at Newman. It was humbling to see the support that the pupils gave to one another every lunchtimewhetheritberehearsing the scripted piece together, offering words of encouragement to their friendbefore they stepped into the spotlight,or the whoops and cheers that came after every single performance, they were all there for each other.

It was genuinely overwhelming when it came to deciding who would be cast in each role. With so many talented pupils I even ended up creating charactersso that I could give morepupils the opportunity to shine on stage!

I am so lucky to work with such committed, enthusiastic and creative children and I can’t wait for rehearsals to get underway. Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has chosen to be part of the show, whether that be as part of the cast or as backstage crew, we’re going to have a ball! Bring on March 2019!

Miss McGrane
Subject leader Drama & Dance
Director of College Productions