BTEC Business – What’s it about?

BTEC Business – Technical Award in Enterprise Year 10

This year, our students will begin following the new BTEC Tech award in Enterprise. This exciting new qualification replaces the BTEC First Award in Business that was previously offered. The Tech award is for learners who wish to acquire knowledge and skills through vocational contexts by studying the knowledge, behaviours and skills related to researching, setting up, running and reviewing an enterprise as part of their Key Stage 4 learning. The qualification enables learners to develop their technical skills, such as market research skills, planning, promotional and financial skills using realistic work scenarios, and personal skills, (such as monitoring own performance, time management and problem solving) through a practical and skills-based approach to learning and assessment. Learners will acquire knowledge, understanding and skills to underpin their practical activities in assessment, which will complement their GCSEs. The qualification will broaden their experience and understanding of the varied progression options available to them.

What does the qualification cover?

The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment.

The main focus is on the knowledge, understanding and skills required to research, set up, run, and review and monitor an enterprise that includes:

  • development of key skills that prove aptitude in planning and carrying out an enterprise activity, including market research, planning, carrying out financial transactions, communication and problem solving
  • knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, such as the features and characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and the internal and external factors that can affect the performance of an enterprise
  • Attitudes and ways of working that are considered most important for enterprise, including communicating and interacting with customers, monitoring and reflecting on performance of enterprise and own use of skills.

This Award requires learners to apply their knowledge in practical ways, through activities that will enable them to develop their ideas, for example researching an idea for a small enterprise.

What can the qualification lead to?

Study of the qualification as part of Key Stage 4 learning will help learners to make more informed choices for further learning, either generally or in this sector. The choices that a learner makes post-16 will depend on their overall level of attainment and their performance in the qualification. Learners who generally achieve at Level 2 across their Key Stage 4 learning might consider progression to:

  • A Levels as preparation for entry into higher education in a range of subjects
  • Study of a vocational qualification at Level 3, such as a BTEC National in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, which prepares them to enter employment or apprenticeships, or to move on to higher education by studying a degree in the business sector.

BTEC Business First Award – Year 11

Our Year 11 are currently in the process of completing the BTEC Business First Award. This qualification is a vocational qualification that provides an engaging and exciting curriculum introducing students to the world of Business. The BTEC qualification is made up of 4 units. The first unit that students have covered is entitled Unit 4 – Principles of Customer Service. In this unit students learnt about the importance of customer service in helping a business to succeed. They spent time looking at existing businesses and role playing situations to demonstrate the key customer service skills required in order to provide excellent customer service.

Unit 3 – Promoting a Brand. In this unit, students explored the importance of Branding to the success of a product or service. Students developed their own brand and ran their own promotional campaign.

Unit 2 – Finance for Business is the next unit covered in Year 11. This unit is an exam based unit and students sit an external exam. Students can resit this unit numerous times but they must pass the unit in order to pass the course. Finance for Business helps teach the students about the key financial terms involved in running a business. Students will look at costs and revenues, break even, profit and loss and balance sheets.

In Year 11, students cover Unit 1 – The Business Environment. This unit looks at different types of Businesses from local through to national. Students learn about how businesses analyse strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and identify ways to achieve a competitive advantage. Students will develop their own business ideas and produce business plans to show that they have though carefully about their idea.