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Literacy - Mono


 Secondary Transition 

Literacy Contacts:

Mr. M.Hallam (Literacy Leader) :

Miss D.Bailey (Librarian, Literacy Mentor & EAL Literacy Mentor) :

The Newman Way: Our Expectations
*    All students carry a book in their bags at all times.
*   Everybody Reads In Class & Form (ERIC) 
*   Drop Everything And Read time occurs several times throughout the year. (DEAR)
*    All students should read at least 20 minutes a day in their own time.
*    All students present their work neatly
*    Students take part in writing competitions each half-term.

Why reading for pleasure is crucial to success: 

Child A reads for 20 minutes a day. That's 3,600 minutes in a school year.

That's 1,800,000 words, and places them in the 90th percentile.

Child B reads for 5 minutes a day. That's 900 minutes in a school year.

That's 282,000 words, and places them in the 50th percentile.

Child C reads for 1 minutes a day. That's 180 minutes in a school year.

That's 8,000 words, and places them in the 10th percentile.

When is the right time to read?

Anytime when there are no distractions.

Here are a few examples from our students;


“After I have eaten dinner but before I am allowed dessert.”

“Before I go to bed.”

“Before I am allowed to go out with friends.”

“When mum makes me take a break from the Xbox.”

What should my child be reading and how can I access this?
We have a full reading list for each Reading Age category here.


When students arrive in September, they will have full access to our Library which includes: Fiction, non-fiction, curriculum related pre-complex texts, magazines, newspapers, kindles and iPads. 

You can access thousands of great reads online by signing up to Oldham Library: Register | Oldham Library Service ( After you have registered with Oldham Library, you will be able to download the BorrowBox App and RBDigital App which will give you access to thousands of FREE books and magazines. 

Click here to download the "Closing The Word Gap" document for further information.

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