Emergency Evacuation Procedure

In the event of an emergency evacuation of an examination room for events such as:

  • Fire/Fire Alarm
  • Bomb Alert
  • Any other emergency which requires an evacuation of an exams room

Invigilators at Newman RC College have been informed that they must take the following action (in accordance with JCQ ICE regulation 18: Emergencies):

  1. Stop the candidates from writing.
  2. Collect the attendance register (in order to ensure all candidates are present).
  3. Evacuate the examination room in line with the instructions given by the appropriate authority.

In the event of a fire alarm at Newman RC College during exams the instruction is:

All candidates in the main examination rooms (Sports Hall, Performance Hall and Dance Studio) are to remain and await further instructions from a member of the Senior Leadership Team or the Examinations Officer. The time the examination stopped will be noted and any time taken will be added to the end of the examination and a report submitted to the relevant examination board. Those candidates in offices will evacuate their rooms and assemble in the Central Forum under the

supervision of the Examinations Officer. Once the building has been assessed by Fire Crew and given the all clear these candidates will be directed back to their rooms for the examination to continue with any time taken being added to the end of the examination. In the event that the building needs to be fully evacuated a tannoy message will be delivered by the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team will assist the Invigilation Team in maintaining exam conditions at the relevant assembly points.

  1. Ensure all candidates leave all question papers and scripts in the examination room.
  1. Inform candidates they must leave the room in silence and remain in silence throughout the evacuation procedure.
  1. Supervise candidates closely while they are out of the examination room to make sure there is no discussion about the examination or other topics.
  1. When instructed, supervise the return of candidates to the exam room.
  1. Make a note of the time of the interruption and how long it lasted.
  1. Allow the candidates the full working time set for the examination.
  1. Make notes of the incident to enable the exams officer to produce a full report of the incident and of the action taken to be forwarded to the relevant awarding body.

In addition to the actions required by JCQ ICE regulation 18 above, invigilators are also informed of the following centre-specific actions or information:

(1) The exam rooms must be evacuated by the nearest fire exit.

(2) Candidates in the Sports Hall must be escorted to their usual fire assembly point in the MUGA’s (supported by Form Tutors)

(3) Candidates in the Performance Hall or Dance Studio must be escorted to the fire assembly points at the front of the building.

(4) Candidates must remain under exam conditions at all times.

(5) SLT to lead with evacuation of Sports Hall if needed and ensure exam conditions are upheld whilst exiting and re-entering the examination room. Kerry Phillips to supervise (L Wyatt to nominate another SLT member as necessary in her absence) supported by Year Leader Gary Potts.

(6) L. Wyatt (Examinations Officer) to supervise in the Central Forum with those candidates exiting offices.

(7) M. Butler (Exams Support) to supervise in the Dance Studio/Performance Hall during evacuation if necessary – exam conditions must be maintained at all times.