Home Learning Curriculum

Dear Parent/Guardian,

RE: Home Learning Curriculum

All year groups will follow a consistent home learning timetable during the school closure. Work set will include a mixture of teacher directed tasks at set times, as well as tasks to select from the optional activities timetable should students wish to complete further work independently.

Directed Home Learning timetable

For example, every Monday morning between 9:00-10:00am pupils will be expected to complete one hour of Maths work, which will be uploaded to the Microsoft Teams platform. The expectation is that your child will complete said posted activities during the hour, and live teacher help will be available via the post function. It should be noted that only questions posted within the set hour will be guaranteed a teacher response.

Year 7, 8 and 9

Commence 23/3/20

Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Remaining subjects


MondayMathsHistoryAdditional activities from remaining subjects may be posted between the hours 1-3pm.

Y7 and 8 reading ‘Boy at the back of the class’ Wednesdays at 1pm with Mr Hallam.

Students also have the option to select tasks from optional activities timetable to complete independently.

Year 10

Commence 24/3/20

Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Independent study time



Students also have the option to select tasks from optional activities timetable to complete independently during their own time.

TuesdayOpt 1*English
FridayEnglishOpt 2*

*Option Subjects include: Art, Business, Computer Science, D&T, Drama, French, Health & Social, i-media, Music, Photography, Sport, Statistics.

Independent optional activities timetable

To give students opportunity for further independent study between the hours of 1-3pm, an optional activities timetable is available on the school website. These tasks range from suggested educational watches and reads, as well as project-based activities.

Resource pack and exercise book

To assist with home learning, students have been issued with a new exercise book, pen and pencil. It is expected that some of the directed activities set will require on screen instructions and tasks, but written notes and answers in students exercise books. Work booklets have also been provided for Maths and English for students to again complete outside of the directed timetable.


Literacy and reading should continue to be a key part of homework routine. We would strongly recommend students taking advantage of time at home to read chosen books for pleasure. Mr Hallam will deliver a weekly recorded reading session on Wednesdays 1pm through the Microsoft Teams platform for Year 7 and 8 students to read ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’.

IT and technical support

Both student emails and the Microsoft Teams platform are available for download on any mobile or tablet device. Instructions and user manuals are on the working at home icon under the student portal on the school website.

Students should be aware of log-in username, passwords and email addresses, and have had the use of the Microsoft Teams platform demonstrated. Should your child have any issues logging into student email and Microsoft Teams, e.g. forgotten passwords, please email: ithelp@newmanrc.oldham.sch.uk

Please do not use the IT support email address for any teaching and learning queries. Unfortunately, we cannot support any queries based on your WIFI or connectivity. Please contact your internet provider. As you can appreciate there will be a large volume of users on websites such as Hegarty Maths, SENECA, Microsoft Teams etc. If these websites experience difficulties due to online traffic, please be patient and refresh later.

Mr D Maxwell – Assistant Headteacher for Achievement