Letter to Parents/Carers 25/10/2018

The following letter has been sent home today:

Dear Parent/Carer,

Operation Encompass is a partnership initiative which focusses upon dynamic information sharing between Greater Manchester Police, Oldham Council and schools. The initiative has been developed following local and national learning about the effects and harm upon children who hear or see domestic violence within their home.

We all want to ensure children thrive within the school environment and are able to reach their full potential. This initiative will ensure that where there has been a domestic incident within the child’s home, this is shared on a confidential basis with the safeguarding lead and other nominated key personnel within the school in order that the child’s welfare and overall well-being can be monitored and that there is an offer of support from the partnership for both the child, and other family members who witness or are involved in a domestic violence incident.

This type of initiative has already been successfully adopted in other areas of the country.

Safeguarding of children in Oldham is a priority for us and we thank you in anticipation for your support for this initiative.

Further information about support for persons involved in domestic violence can be found at www.oldham.gov.uk or www.endthefear.co.uk

Yours sincerely,

Glyn Potts,


A copy of this letter can be downloaded by clicking here.