Newman RC College Attendance Policy


Blessed John Henry Newman College believes that good attendance is vital for all our pupils if they are to gain the most from the education we provide. There are clearly documented links between regular attendance and attainment. Every member of staff will regularly check the attendance of their form group and teaching group by the effective use of recording on registers, the attendance team will follow up all pupil’s absences with appropriate personnel in school and with the pupil’s parents and carers. Blessed John Henry Newman aims to raise the attendance to 100% this academic year, and hope that parents will assist us in our work of raising attendance levels throughout the school year.

We intend to meet this target by:

  • Providing clear instructions for staff on the registration and accurate full use of the register codes
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Raising awareness of attendance and punctuality issues at parent’s evenings
  • Rewarding good attendance and punctuality.
  • Providing clear guidance on the benefits of regular School attendance.
  • Having clear procedures to enable pupils to come into college.
  • Actively discouraging parents from taking holidays in term time.
  • Ensuring that all pupils and parents understand the issues and procedures for attendance and punctuality.
  • Ensuring that all staff and governors, administrative, support and non-teaching staff understand the issues and procedures for attendance.

Parents / Guardians should:

  • Ensure their child arrives at the college for 8.55am every day.
  • Ensure the regular attendance and punctuality of their child.
  • Work closely with the college to overcome any obstacles that may affect their child’s attendance.
  • Contact the college of first day absence; keep in regular contact with the college on your child’s recovery
  • Make medical appointments out of school hours where possible
  • Make holiday arrangements outside of term time (as from September 2013 a new legislation came into force where no holidays will be authorised during a school term)

The college will follow up all absences in order to:

  • Ascertain the reason of absence.
  • Ensure the appropriate safeguarding action is taken.
  • Identify if the absence is to be approved or not.
  • Input the correct code onto the attendance system.

AM and PM registration

  • AMregistration commences at 9.00am and is recorded by the form tutor. (On the College site at 8.55am).
  • PMregistration commences at 12.05pm each day and is recorded by the class teacher

On the first day of absence parents/guardians must:

  • Telephone the Attendance Team to notify the College of their child’s absence.
  • Keep the attendance team informed of a pupil’s recovery on a daily basis.
  • Contact the college on0161 785 8858


  • All Pupils MUST arrive at the college for 8.55am at the latest.
  • All pupils must be in form time for 9.00am.
  • Any pupil arriving to registration late will be marked with the L code
  • A late text will be sent to parents /guardians, informing them of how late their child has arrived to the college.

Pupils arriving after registration has closed will be marked with a ‘U’ code, this is an unauthorised code.

A valid reason must be provided by the parent/guardian if their child arrives after registration has closed, only then can the unauthorised absence code be changed to authorised.

Pupils that arrive at the college after 9.00am MUSTsign in with the attendance officer

Persistent absence

Pupils that fall into the category of 90% attendance or lower, will be under the focus of the Attendance Team where appropriate action will be taken under the rigorous monitoring system at the college, this may result in the instigation of a Fast Track to Attendance, from the SAIS (School Attendance Improvement Service) at the Local Authority. This may also result in legal action taken against a parent or guardian.

Please remember that regular College attendance;

  • Increases children and young people’s opportunities.
  • Increases children’s attainment and achievement.
  • Makes children safer.
  • Reduces the risk of children becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Reduces the risk of children becoming involved in Alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Makes our community a safer place for everyone.
97% – 100%Good- This will give your child a good start in life and support a positive work ethic.
93% – 96.9%Cause for concern-Absence may begin to affect attainment and progress at school, please work with the school to improve this.
90% – 92.9%Poor- Absence is now affecting attainment and progress at school, please work with the school urgently to improve this.
Below 90% Persistently absent-This is a serious concern and is disrupting your child’s learning.