Newman College wishes to create a positive and supportive environment that maximises opportunities for learning and progress for all its pupils. The college therefore places high expectations on pupils in the following areas:

  • Engagement with and attitude towards learning
  • Uniform
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Basic equipment needed for learning
  • Behaviour and safety in college
  • Behaviour and safety whilst travelling to and from college

Attitude towards Learning

Pupils are expected to respond positively to the learning opportunities provided in lessons. As part of the college system for tracking pupil progress, attitude to learning scores for all subjects are recorded and communicated to parents several times each year. Pupils who have consistently positive attitude to learning scores will be rewarded through by invitation to the end of term rewards events and trips in addition to other rewards such as praise postcards, VIVOs, certificates etc.


We believe that the wearing of the correct uniform demonstrates a sense of pride and identity amongst our pupils. It sets the standard for a strong sense of equity and cohesion and prepares our pupils for what will be expected of them beyond college in the world of work. Pupils must ensure that they adhere to the college uniform at all times. Pupils who wear consistently correct uniform worn smartly will be rewarded through the college reward system. Pupils who consistently fail to meet the expected uniform standard will be challenged and sanctions applied.

Attendance and Punctuality

The minimum expected standard of attendance in college is 95%. Frequent absence from college has a negative impact on learning and progress. The college will endeavour to instil in all pupils a love of learning and a desire to come to college. Likewise, it is imperative that pupils attend college on time every day.

Basic Equipment needed for Learning

Pupils must ensure that they have the necessary equipment needed each day – pen, pencil, ruler and rubber carried in a bag suitable for college. Pupils are also responsible for organising equipment for specialist lessons such as bringing PE kit on the relevant day, ingredients for food technology etc. Pupils are provided with a locker in which to keep their equipment.

Behaviour and Safety in College

The school mission statement underlines our commitment to the development of a Catholic ‘family’ community in which every member is valued and respected. Our aim is to ensure that relationships within the college reflect the gospel values of Learning, Celebration, Vocation, Dignity, Stewardship and Reconciliation. As such behaviour for learning systems and procedures are designed to actively promote and encourage every member of Newman RC College Community to Achieve ‘Dignity and Excellence’.

Behaviour is monitored very closely in college in order to avoid disruption to learning and progress. At the heart of our Behaviour for Learning (BfL) system are three key words – Chance Choice and Consequence. This is the essential language of learning that every pupil will become accustomed to. Every opportunity is made for pupils to make the right Choice of behaviour to encourage them to learn. Despite our preference for reasoning, persuasion, and guidance for pupils to make the right choices failure to do this will result in them following a negative pathway of consequences and sanctions. There is a gradual escalation of consequence ranging from C1 (low level consequence) to C4 ( High level disruption). These and the resultant consequences are recorded electronically.

Behaviour incidents leading to an escalation of consequence range from teacher/faculty detentions, referral to IEC (Internal Exclusion Centre) for a fixed period of time, to senior teacher detentions and in the rare event fixed term exclusions, enforced placements or in extreme circumstances permanent exclusion. Although this system of sanctions exists the college wishes to place its reliance more upon the goodwill and support of parents in ensuring the correct response of pupils in their attitude to college discipline procedure. On occasions where there is need to work cooperatively with the college we encourage parents to attend meetings to address the particular needs of the learner.

For pupils whose behaviour continues to challenge the expectations of the college and who are at risk of exclusion these cases are referred for additional targeted support through the work of the Inclusion Faculty. Work might include personal development such as social skills, literacy and numeracy boosting or anger management. Pupils are reintegrated back to mainstream as soon as possible.

The vast majority of pupils who display positive behaviour will experience an escalation of rewards ranging from VIVOs (which when accumulated can be exchanged for gifts), positive letters/postcards sent home as well as opportunities to win i-pods and free reward trips – plus much more.

As a college we strive to promote a ‘ reward rich community’ one that is far more inspirational and allows pupils greater opportunity to make the right choices and so reap the rewards, rather than one driven by negative consequences.

Whilst the promotion of positive behaviour for learning in the college is the responsibility of all it is the Form Tutor, Year Leader and Pastoral Co-ordinator who assume direct responsibility for monitoring the behaviour of individual pupils.

Behaviour and Safety traveling to and from College

As a college we strive to ensure that we enjoy positive relationships with the wider community. As such we instil in our pupils that whilst pupils are travelling to and from school they are acting as ambassadors of the college and that the same high expectations are placed on them in terms of their behaviour. Pupils must behave and act responsibly and safely at all times in order that they do not put themselves or others at risk nor do they bring the college into disrepute. Where necessary college will make contact with parents and apply relevant sanctions in response to behaviour that does not meet the expected standard whilst traveling to and from college.

The College Behaviour For Learning Policy can be found by clicking here..