Parent Guidance

Principles: School identity and a work ethic are improved by the wearing of full school uniform. The uniform requirements below are compulsory, unless stated.

Price list for current uniform.

Items to be purchased from own choice of retailer
Black blazer with school badgeBlack blazer with school badge
School tieSchool tie
School jumper or tank top – purple trim on neckSchool jumper or tank top – purple trim on neck
Black tailored trousers or skirtBlack tailored trousers
White formal school shirtWhite formal school shirt
Plain black tights or socksPlain black socks
Plain black low-heeled shoes – Must have leather uppers, no trainersPlain black shoes – Must have leather uppers, no trainers
Item below can only be purchased from the school
Optional – plain purple headscarf – school issue


  • Outdoor coats can be worn to college but must be removed on arrival. Coats need to be worn over the top of the blazer.
  • Trainers are not permitted at any time except during physical activities that are supervised by a member of the college staff. Trainer type and canvas shoes must also not be worn.
  • Shirts must always be tucked in.
  • Blazers are to be worn at all times.
  • ‘Over the knee’ or ‘hold up’ type socks are not to be worn.
  • Ties are worn to cover the top four buttons of shirt
  • Skirts are to be no shorter than four cm above the knee. Lycra shirts cannot be worn.
  • Hooded tops are not to be worn in college nor worn whilst travelling to and from college.
  • Extreme hair styles and colours are not allowed.
  • Make-up and jewellery are not to be worn.
  • No patterned items of clothing will be considered acceptable, including logos of any description.
  • Should your daughter choose to wear a hijab, then they can be purchased from us in the regulation school colour


Please ensure that your child has the correct kit and brings it to their PE lesson every week.

If your child is injured or ill they must still bring PE kit but they will be asked to take on a different role within the lesson e.g coach or umpire.

Compulsory PE Kit for all lessons
Pale blue T-shirt ( Yr 7 & 8)Pale blue school polo shirt
Black T-shirt (yr 9,10, & 11)Black school sport shorts
Black school sport shortsBlack outdoor school fleece
Black outdoor school fleecePurple football socks
White short socksWhite short socks
Sports trainers (pumps are not suitable)Sports trainers (pumps are not suitable)
Shin pads
Football boots
Optional for outdoor lessons in autumn and winter terms
Black school tracksuit bottomsBlack school tracksuit bottoms
Black school waterproof jacketBlack school waterproof jacket


  • All pupils are expected to wear suitable sports trainers for PE Lessons. Converse, pumps etc. must not be worn for PE. These types of footwear are unsafe when participating in sport.
  • Pupils regularly have outdoor lessons therefore a rugby top/fleece is an essential part of your child’s PE kit.
  • Pupils are not allowed to wear their own clothes or outdoor coats for PE.
    • If your child fails to follow the above expectations then a consequence will be issued in the form of a detention and a letter home. If this becomes a persistent problem then parents will be invited to attend a meeting todiscuss.

All PE kit can be bought from Mrs Harris in the school office at break, lunchtime or after school.

The above items will be the only styles acceptable and will include the school badge or colours.

Please note that for adult sizes, VAT will be charged.