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Confirmation 2023

Invitation to this year’s programme of preparation.

To families of all Year 8 Students across the Oldham / Ashton Deanery

Dear Students (and Parents), I have great pleasure in inviting you onto this year’s Confirmation preparation programme. Building on the success we had with last year’s Y8 cohort our hope is that you and your family will grasp this opportunity, leading to a wonderful celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation over the Pentecost weekend, Friday 26th, 6:30 pm, St Anne’s, Ashton & Saturday 27th, St Mary’s, Failsworth.

The team has remained realistic in terms of planning the programme, determined to avoid ‘tuition overkill’ the programme consists of :

• one (very important) introductory meeting for parents, followed by

• seven two-hour sessions for the Year 8 candidates.

Thursday (9th/3) Parents Meeting (6-7pm)

Wednesday (15th/3) 1st Student Session (6-8pm)

Wednesday (22nd/3) 2nd Student Session (6-8pm)

Wednesday (29th/3) 3rd Student Session (6-8pm)

Wednesday (26th/4) 4th Student Session (6-8pm)

Wednesday (3rd/5) 5th Student Session (6-8pm)

Wednesday (10th/5) 6th Student Session (6-8pm)

Wednesday (17th/5) 7th Student Session (6-8pm)

All meetings will take place at St. Edward’s Church, Lees.

NB. Having kept the number of meetings to a minimum, your attendance at each of the seven sessions will be expected.

Students may appreciate knowing the following:

• meetings will be conducted within a warm, friendly, informal atmosphere

• the sessions will NOT consist of heavy ‘bible-bashing’

• no one will be put on the spot, or be expected to stand up & take centre stage

• we want enjoyment & humour to underpin each session

• there will be a ‘social’ element to each gathering (a chance to relax, meet & chat).

We are confident you will enjoy the programme we have prepared for you.

We look forward to working with you all in the near future. God bless and keep you safe,

Fr. Callum Brown (on behalf of the Deanery) _____________________________________________________________________________

How to register for the programme …Please contact your local parish priest to register, providing your, name, address and the contact details of your parent/guardian

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