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End of Summer Term Letter

The letter below has been sent to Parents/Guardians via MyEd:

21st July 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian

As another unusual and challenging academic year draws to a close, we can once again look back with great pride. Our students have been a credit to you and all the staff at Newman College. The students have overcome adversity and remained resilient and optimistic about the future. It has been a great honour to watch them continue to flourish through these unprecedented times.

Arrangements for the end of term

The college closes for the summer holiday at 12 noon on Friday 23rd July 2021. All the school bus services will be running, except for 833 and 836 Rosso services. If your child normally travels on the 833 or 836 services, then please make alternative arrangements for their journey home.

Students return to college in September

The table below shows the return dates for each year group.

* For students that have given consent for Covid-19 testing ONLY. Students will be invited in by appointment on their set day and then return home.

College day times

Monday to Friday the College doors will be open at 8:30am.

The timings of the day have changed slightly, so that all students are now expected to be in their Form Room no later than 8:50am when the attendance register will be taken.

For Years 7 to 10, the College day ends at 3:15pm, except on Wednesday when all students finish at 1:45pm.

For Year 11, the College day will now include revision sessions (3:15- 4:00pm), and therefore the Year 11 College day will end at 4:00pm, except on Wednesday when all students finish at 1:45pm.


As a college we continue to insist on the highest standards of uniform. Parents have been very supportive of our drive to maintain the highest of standards in this area. The college continues to monitor uniform standards to ensure that our students are smart and dressed in a manner appropriate for a formal learning environment. As such, in addition to wearing compulsory items of uniform we would like to make explicit the following expectations from September 2021:

• Trainer type shoes, canvas pumps, or boots of any kind are NOT permitted.

• Trousers must be ‘Tailored’, NOT skinny fit.

• College issued skirts with the Newman logo MUST be worn. To ensure dignity whilst moving around the college, skirts must not be turned over at the waistband and the logo must always be clearly visible. The Newman skirt is available from our uniform suppliers in two lengths. Please choose the appropriate length for your child. Girls may choose to wear black tailored trousers as an alternative.

• Plain black ankle socks only for girls and boys. Knee high, over the knee socks and socks with a frill/lace are NOT permitted, nor are socks of any other colour.

• Plain black tights are the only acceptable alternative to black ankle socks.

• False tan, false eyelashes, false nails, nail varnish, make up and jewellery are NOT permitted.

• Body piercings, retainers or covering plasters must NOT be worn (even when not visible).