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End of term letter - Summer 2023

13th July 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As another challenging academic year draws to a close, we can once again look back with great pride on what has been achieved, but know we have more to do. Our students have been a credit to you and all the staff at Newman College. They have demonstrated commitment to their learning, each other and their own development this year and should be proud. It has been a great honour to watch them continue to flourish and we look forward to this continuing next year.

Clearly, we are disappointed in the recent inspection report, but know that our improvement plans and our team can bring about the change that is needed. Ofsted has indicated that our plans for improvement are robust and that we need to place a greater emphasis on some areas of provision. Parents and students will notice the implementation of higher expectations for behaviour and consistent application of the policy by staff. The curriculum area identified in the report of needing some adjustment, namely PSHE, will include more depth and external guidance on delivery. We will continue to communicate our efforts and progress with all each half term. May I again put on record my thanks for the many parents who have sent messages of support and who continue to acknowledge the impact we have. Education is in crisis with a lack of funding and applicants to the profession, the show of support from parents means that we are resilient in the face of these challenges.

Arrangements for the end of term

The college closes for the summer holiday at 12 noon on Friday 21st July 2023. We have been informed that the Stotts 824 and Rosso 836/882 will not be running. If your child normally travels on the 824,836 or 882 services, then please make alternative arrangements for their journey home.

Students return to college in September.

The table below shows the return dates for each year group.

College day times

The college opens to students daily at 8:30am. This allows them to access breakfast and prepare for the day. At 8:45am, a bell sounds giving all students a chance to move to Form Time for an 8:50am start. Students should be present in college for 8:45am and be in Form Rooms, no later than 8:50am. Arrivals to college after 8:50am are classified as being late and are recorded as such. The college finishes at 3:15pm each day.


As a college we continue to insist on the highest standards of uniform. Parents have been very supportive of our drive to maintain the highest of standards in this area. The college continues to monitor uniform standards to ensure that our students are smart and dressed in a manner appropriate for a formal learning environment. As such, in addition to wearing compulsory items of uniform we would like to make explicit the following expectations from September 2023:

· Trainer type shoes, canvas pumps, or boots of any kind are NOT permitted.

· Trousers must be ‘Tailored’, NOT skinny fit.

· College issued skirts with the Newman logo MUST be worn. To ensure dignity whilst moving around the college, skirts must not be turned over at the waistband and the logo must always be clearly visible. The Newman skirt is available from our uniform suppliers in a variety of lengths. Please choose the appropriate length for your child. Girls may choose to wear black tailored trousers as an alternative.

· Plain black ankle socks only for girls and boys. Knee high, over the knee socks and socks with a frill/lace are NOT permitted, nor are socks of any other colour.

· Plain black tights are the only acceptable alternative to black ankle socks.

· False tan, false eyelashes, false nails, nail varnish, make up and jewellery are NOT permitted.

· Body piercings, retainers or covering plasters must NOT be worn (even when not visible).

· Please also note that mobile phones are banned at college. Students wishing to contact home and vice versa, should go via reception please.

PE Uniform

· PE t-shirt, shorts and tracksuit bottoms (optional) with the Newman logo MUST be worn. To ensure dignity shorts must not be turned over at the waistband. All the Newman PE kit including a ¼ zip top is available from our uniform suppliers.

· Pupils are not permitted to wear their own clothes however they are allowed to wear plain black leggings/under armour underneath their Newman PE kit.

· Pupils who are ill or injured are expected to wear their Newman PE kit, they will then be asked to take on an alternative role within the lesson.

· Trainers must be worn for all PE lessons; pupils are not allowed to take part in their PE lesson wearing their school shoes.

Equipment for learning

It is essential that all students carry the basic equipment for learning on a daily basis. From September the following items of equipment are compulsory for all students:

· Pencil case containing pen, pencil, ruler, calculator.

· School bag

· Reading book

· Full Newman College PE kit

Equipment will be checked daily by form tutors. Where students do not have the compulsory equipment for learning they will be asked to borrow and sign for college issued equipment.

Attendance and punctuality

We know that excellent attendance is essential for all our students so that they gain the most from the education we provide. There are clearly documented links between good attendance and academic achievement. We insist that parents work with the college to ensure their child meets the expected standard of 100% attendance by:

· Ensuring your child attends every day as we strive for 100% attendance.

· Contacting college on the first day of absence when your child is genuinely too sick to attend.

· Arranging medical appointments outside of college hours. Where this is not possible ensuring your child does not miss a full day of learning for one appointment. Evidence of appointments will be required.

· Not making a request to take a holiday during term time as this will be declined, and a financial penalty imposed should the holiday be taken without authorisation.


MyEd is our parental app, and our preferred form of communication with parents. It is the fastest way of ensuring that you receive all the information you need in a timely way, including information and consent for trips. The app can be downloaded onto both Apple and android devices, and provides a wealth of information about the college, your child’s attendance, behaviour, timetable, and more. Please also ensure that you have provided us with your current email address.

Bus timetables & information

We have now received confirmation of bus timetables from Transport for Greater Manchester (Transport for Greater Manchester ( for September and these are on our website: Transport | Newman RC College

Drop off and collection of students

I must ask for your continued support with regard to the safeguarding of children and staff at the start and end of the college day. The college site has space designated for staff parking, a small number of disabled parking spaces, and a one-way system which is essential for the safe arrival and departure of buses. We will continue with the current system in September which is the use of the car park at San Rocco to drop off and collect students. Vehicles without a pass will not be allowed entry onto site at the end of the college day, to protect the safety of staff and children. I am grateful for your continued co-operation.

Finally, thank you for the support you have given to the college this year. May God bless you and keep you safe during the summer break.

Yours sincerely,

Mr G R Potts MBE DL


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