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Friday 10th March 2023

Good morning parents/ carers,

Regrettably due to the weather, as you are aware, College is closed today, 10th March.

Online learning to be completed independently has been provided for all year groups.

Students have been invited to a Microsoft Team for their year group (Year Group 10th March). We ask that students follow their normal timetabled lessons in order of normal school day, completing work posted.

If a subject's work has not been posted for the morning period yet, we thank you for your patience and understanding. Please move on to complete another subject and return later.

The work for each subject can be located on the subject channel of the Microsoft Team year group. If you cannot see a subjects channel listed click the 'show hidden channels' to reveal.

Subjects may have set work on Satchel, and the message on Teams will direct students to the work on Satchel if so.

Students can see their timetable on the calendar function of Microsoft Teams if needed.

Accessing Microsoft Teams

You can access Teams via your web browser using the link below. Students can sign in using their school email address and password. Teams can also be downloaded in the app store for use on phone and tablet.

If you do not know your school email or log in details, please email


Mr Maxwell - Senior Assistant Headteacher for Achievement


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