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Open Evening 2021

Last night saw the successful Newman RC College Virtual Open Evening.

A recording of the full event can be re-watched below

Mrs Foley, Assistant Headteacher for Transition, has also answered a number of the frequently asked questions from the event below:

What does a typical day look like?

All pupils will have 5 lessons a day, these lessons are 1-hour lessons and 50 minutes on a Wednesday. Typically, a year would have lessons 1 and 2, break for 20minutes, lessons 3 and 4, lunch for 35 minutes followed by lesson 5 then home. (For more information:

How will my child be safe during break and lunchtime?

Every break and lunchtime is well-staffed, all staff have to wear a high-viz jacket so they are easily seen. We have staff both inside and outside during these times. Year 7 have break and lunch on their own.

How will my child pay for their lunch?

All dining is cashless. In the summer term following offer day, parents receive information about how the canteen work and how to put money onto the child account. Then all transactions are by fingerprint which we take in September. (For more information:

Will my child experience assemblies and worship opportunities?

Each year has an assembly weekly, in form time there are daily reflections. We celebrated as a Catholic community by following the liturgical year. We also celebrate non-Christian festivals.

How will my child get to school?

Pupils who need to use public transport may be able to access college by one of our school buses. The routes and times of these are shared in the summer term following offer day. (For more information:

Are there any clubs at lunch or after school?

There are lots of opportunities, each September these are shared with the year groups, so they know what is on and when. These are then placed onto form notice boards as a reminder.

If I have a child in school, their brothers or sisters will automatically be given a place

You must still apply, although siblings may be entitled to priority [not year 11] there is no automatic allocation of places. Please indicate the siblings on the supplementary form.

If I don’t send in a supplementary form I will still get a place.

If you do not return a supplementary form (& supporting documents if applicable) you will be ranked in the lowest criteria. It is important you return all relevant documents to ensure your child has the highest eligible criteria. Newman do not send reminders or source this on your behalf

I will be guaranteed a place at my catchment school even if I don’t put it as a preference

Newman RC does not have a catchment area but you must name all the schools you wish to be considered for in your application. If a place cannot be offered at any of your preferences you will be offered a place at the closest school with availability.

If I put the same school down three times will it make me three times more likely to get a place?

No this is the same as listing one school. You should use all your preferences to maximise your chances of getting your preferred school.

My child has been baptised as a catholic so I am guaranteed a place in Newman RC College.

If the college is oversubscribed places will be offered in line with the college admissions criteria. This Policy is on the college website and the Oldham Council website. You MUST submit your supplementary form direct to this College [and RC baptism certificate if an RC baptised child] to be eligible to be ranked as a Catholic child as well as applying online for the place via your own Local Authority. It is the parents’ responsibility to do this.

I go to a feeder school so I will automatically get a place even if I do not list it

You must still list all the schools you prefer, if the school is not listed you will not be considered for it

I will be guaranteed a place at my nearest school even if I don’t state it as a preference.

No, you must name your local school if you want to be considered for a place there. If the LA cannot offer any of your preferences and you have not applied for your local school it is unlikely you will be offered a place there unless you are redirected and it has availability

My child’s grandparents will provide childcare during the week, therefore I can apply from their address.

You can only use the child’s main residence, eg where the child’s benefits are paid/ where the child is registered. The LA & Governors reserve the right to withdraw offers of places where the address given is not where the child is normally resident

Children on my street go to that college so my child will too.

The number of children offered under each criterion can change every year, so can the demand on schools. Please refer to the historical information of the previous allocations on the Oldham Council website

If I only put one preference I’ll be offered the place there.

No, you are encouraged to apply for more than one school to maximise the chances of your child being offered a place. If you name only one school and that school is oversubscribed, applications will be prioritised according to the school's admission criteria. The LA have a responsibility to offer a place but may not be one of the schools you prefer. This is in accordance with the LA Coordinated Admissions Scheme.

What about Ofsted reports

Each school has pupils who achieve very high standards. A good or poor reputation can be gained from evidence from many years ago. Things can change in schools very quickly. It is important to look at all the available schools and try to view as many as possible

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