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Parent Governor Election

To all parents of children attending

Saint John Henry Newman Catholic College

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Election of a Parent Governor at Saint John Henry Newman Roman Catholic College

Nominations are being sought to fill a vacancy for a parent to serve on the school governing board at your child’s school. This post will be for up to four years, this is known as the term of office.

Additional information about governors and what they do is listed below.

Eligibility to Vote and for Nomination

Anyone who is a parent of a pupil registered at the school is entitled to put themselves forward for consideration and are entitled to vote.


If you wish to be considered for the parent governor role, then please complete the nomination form by using the following link

If you would like a paper copy, please contact the school direct.

Your nomination must be proposed and seconded by two other persons who are a parent of a pupil at the school and are entitled to vote in the election.

Please ensure that your personal statement is no longer than 250 words.

The nomination form should be completed no later than 12 noon Monday, 12th June 2023.


If only one candidate is nominated by the closing date for nomination, the candidate will be elected unopposed and should access the following links:

• GovernorHub:

• School Governance Induction Information on GovernorHub


If there are two or more candidates for the parent governor vacancy, a ballot will be arranged by the Headteacher during the period from Wednesday, 14th June 2023 to 12 noon Wednesday, 28th June 2023.