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PE Lessons 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

Since our return in September, we have worked hard to minimise the impact of Covid on our school community. Our way of working and the ease with which we previously carried out our work has become more challenging, but despite this, we know that restrictions are integral to the safety of all and we welcome the part we are playing in including them. We will now, as we promised, start to consider incremental steps toward improving our offer to students, mindful that the virus is still highly prevalent in our community and that we do not wish to aid Its distribution. Since November half term we have been able to facilitate our KS3 students using the changing rooms and I am pleased to say that are now able to allow Year 10 students to get changed for their PE lessons.

Therefore, from Monday 11th January KS3 and Year 10 students will be required to bring their full Newman PE kit on the days they have PE. At the start of their PE lesson they will be escorted from their classroom to the changing rooms where they will get changed into their Newman kit. Whilst in the changing rooms masks must always be worn and students must change in their allocated area. At the end of their PE lesson they will get changed back into their uniform and will be taken back to the classroom ready to move to their next lesson.

Whilst it is important that PE kit is kept in lockers for most of the day it may be necessary for students to have their kit with them for the lesson before to ensure they arrive on time to their PE classroom. They can then return their kit to their locker at break or lunch time. Students who have PE period 5 are permitted to go home in their PE kit, they can of course get changed into their uniform if they wish.

The correct and therefore permitted Newman PE kit is below:

· Newman rugby top (boys) or new PE ¼ zip top

· Newman fleece (girls) or new PE ¼ zip top

· Newman shorts

· Newman blue t-shirt (boys & 7/8 girls)

· Newman Black t-shirt (girls 9/10/11)

· Newman black tracksuit bottoms (students are not permitted to wear their own)

· Plain black skins/under armour or plain black leggings can be worn underneath their Newman kit

· Newman purple football socks (boys)

· Suitable trainers

· Hair bobble

All the items listed above can be purchased from Top Form in Oldham, 27 Union St, Oldham OL1 1XS.

Students will be having some of their PE lessons outside, except for when the weather is deemed unsuitable, therefore students are strongly advised to bring the Newman rugby top, fleece or new ¼ zip top to keep themselves warm. We are also hopeful that we can offer increased Extra Curricular opportunities soon and details will be shared in the near future. Please can we ask for your support in ensuring your child has the correct Newman kit on the days they have PE.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs R Blair

Subject Leader, PE


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