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Return to 5 day week

Dear Parent/Guardian

I am writing to inform you that from Monday 30th November we will no longer be operating the four-day week system for each year group and that all students will be on site every day to continue their learning without interruption.

Whilst we still face significant pressures due to staff absence, we are now in a more stable position and can operate the college safely. I am most grateful to my team of dedicated teaching and support staff who through their professionalism and commitment have made this possible.

Please note that if your child has been instructed to remain at home due to a confirmed case of Covid-19 within their year group bubble, then they must remain at home and continue their self-isolation until the date they are due to return (this was confirmed in writing to the parents and guardians of affected students at the start of their isolation period).

In addition, for students in Year 10, please note that tomorrow is their last day of home learning as the full-time system comes into effect next week.

I trust that you welcome the decision to return to full time on site attendance and hope that for the three weeks in which the 4-day week system has been in operation, that your child has been maintaining their learning virtually by completing the assignments set for them by their teachers on MS Teams.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Mr G R Potts DL



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