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Summer School Report 2021

The school mission to create an unfair advantage and ensure that no door is left closed to our students was rooted in the intention of the summer school that was for the year six students transitioning into the Newman Year Seven cohort. The unprecedented rise in COVID-19 infection rates within the Oldham community meant that transition dates had to be postponed to protect our community. The Summer School, therefore, acted as an additional transitional activity to offer support and promote fun and inclusion while preparing the new year seven cohort to learn in a new environment. The Summer School was delivered within the weeks commencing from the 23rd of August and the week commencing the 30th of August, inclusive of the bank holiday.

The school was granted £36,417.24 in funding which was distributed to fund outside agencies, stationary, food and a reading book for each student to take home to promote reading for pleasure.

One-hundred and twenty-seven transitional year six students attended the summer school in preparation for their arrival in September. In addition, twenty year eight pupils and twenty year nine pupil accessed the summer school provision. This resulted in one hundred and sixty-seven attendees of the Summer School provision. Thirty year eleven pupils from the student leadership team used their experiences and talents to engage and assist with the new members of the Newman family. The student leadership team were allocated roles to build relationships with the new pupils and talk about the experiences they have faced during their Newman journey.

The provision of the summer school was promoted to parents and carers that pupils would experience the culture and climate of a normal school week in preparation for their Newman arrival. The pupils would be able to see first-hand the ‘Newman Way’ and how this is delivered within a classroom setting, giving them an ‘unfair advantage’. In addition to this, the pupils had access to literacy and numeracy interventions, French lessons, the Combined Cadets Force, and a retreat day to one of the external partners, Mahldo.

We worked closely with several external partners to provide and wide range of activities that we believe that pupils would benefit from and engage with. The external partners were Wild & Form, Mahdlo, and Dream Big, each of which played instrumental parts in the success of the summer school. Wild & Form delivered a multitude of sessions on the advantages and pitfalls of social media and how this is relevant to our young people. Mahdlo delivered sessions based around managing change and how to positively manage change in the pupil’s lives. This was particularly relevant for the upcoming transition into secondary school.

We received positive feedback from the pupil’s experience of the summer school from both interacting with the students themselves and their parents. One parent praised; ‘My daughters attended the summer school this past week and have really enjoyed it. We just wanted to say a big thank you. They had so much fun, and it has made both feel so much more comfortable about starting their journey with Newman next week. Phoebe has come home each day saying how wonderful Miss Mankoto is and both have said how amazing many of the Prefects have been.’ Another parent added; ‘Thank you for all the hard work. It has definitely been great for my daughter, Eva, and reassuring for me as a parent to know that she has finally stepped into the school before starting the next stage in her life at secondary school.’

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