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Year 7's First Half-Term at Newman College

This week we have lots going on for our Year 7s as they come to the end of their first Half Term at Newman College.

What a success it has been. We started our week off with our Rewards Assembly, celebrating the successes, attendance, recognition points, form tutor awards, subject awards and year team awards.

All Year 7 pupils have an opportunity to experience Net Ministry, a religious retreat. The focus of this is ‘Love and friendship’. We have brought a team of volunteers to work with our pupils for the day, please ask them how they found the experience we really hope they enjoyed it. We also have two PSHE lessons this week, looking at friendships and relationships. Finally all our year 7 pupils will get an opportunity to go to Skipton Castle, this is a History trip to experience a well-preserved Medieval Castle.

We look forward to sharing our images with you throughout the week, here are some from yesterdays Rewards Assembly.

The Year 7 Team

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