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Year 9 Remote Learning 25/05-28-05

Dear Parent/Carer,

Year 9 Remote Learning Instructions for Tue 25th to Fri 28th May

I am writing to inform you of the remote learning instructions for all Year 9 students from tomorrow, Tuesday 25th May. These instructions will remain in place for the remainder of this week and finish with college breaking up for May Half-Term on Friday 28th May.

All Year 9 students will return to college after May Half-Term on Monday 7th June.

A series of tutorial videos on remote learning and live lesson instructions can be found on the student portal of the college website on the working at home page:

1. Students should log in to Microsoft Teams ready for 8.55am using their Newman username and password. Microsoft Teams is accessible through the student portal of the college website and by downloading the mobile or tablet app.

2. Students should join their live Form Tutor meeting at 8.55am by clicking on the Teams calendar and ‘join’. On Wednesday 26th May Form will be 8.50 - 9.00am.

3. Year 9 lessons will be delivered live on Teams, the same as during the previous school closure. Students should follow their regular timetable, clicking the calendar and joining each of their live lesson calendared meetings. Please be patient and wait for the teacher to permit you entry from the meeting lobby as staff are teaching the remaining year groups in college.

The timetable remains the usual in school timings as listed below:

Live Lesson Meeting Expectations

• All microphones and cameras should be automatically turned off and remain off.

• Students should use the ‘conversation’ button to type any questions to the teacher through the meeting chat function.

• Expectations during live lessons are the same as those in class. Students will be removed immediately from the lesson meeting and not permitted re-entry in the event of inappropriate behaviour or conduct, which will then be followed up accordingly.

ICT Support

If a student forgets their log-in details or requires a password reminder or re-set, they should contact our ICT support team by e-mailing:

We are very grateful to all parents and carers for their support and proud of our student’s efforts continuing their learning.

Yours sincerely,

Mr D Maxwell - Assistant Headteacher for Achievement