Request from the Parish of Divine Mercy

Please find below a request from the Parish Council of the Parish of Divine Mercy, Chadderton & Hollinwood.

You will no doubt be aware that at some stage in the following weeks the Government will allow the gradual phased opening of churches . Initially this will be for private prayer with the ultimate goal being Churches open for the celebration of Mass and the sacraments.

We now know that there will be a phased approach and that in our Deanery we will not be in the initial phase. However, it is important that as a parish we prepare ourselves to be able to respond to the challenge of reopening our churches as soon as we can and have received approval from the Diocese

It is clear, that as a Parish, we will need a team of volunteers to support the programme of reopening to ensure that we comply will all the specified requirements in terms of social distancing and hygiene. We are therefore seeking to establish a team of volunteers who can support us in this objective. Volunteers will have to be from those not currently classed as ‘vulnerable’ (70+, Pregnant, underlying health condition). Therefore, if you are able to volunteer, we would ask that you complete the following registration form:

Registration Form

Many thanks for your continued support

Parish Pastoral Council