BTEC Business

Year 10 and 11

BTEC Business is a vocational qualification that provides an engaging and exciting curriculum introducing students to the world of Business. The BTEC qualification is made up of 4 units. The first unit that students will cover is entitled Unit 4 – Principles of Customer Service. In this unit students learn about the importance of customer service in helping a business to succeed. They will spend time looking at existing businesses and role playing situations to demonstrate the key customer service skills required in order to provide excellent customer service.

Unit 2 – Finance for Business is the next unit covered in Year 10. This unit is an exam based unit and students sit an external exam. Students can resit this unit numerous times but they must pass the unit in order to pass the course. Finance for Business helps teach the students about the key financial terms involved in running a business. Students will look at costs and revenues, break even, profit and loss and balance sheets.

In Year 11, students cover two more units. The first unit is Unit 3 – Promoting a Brand. In this unit, students explore the importance of Branding to the success of a product or service. Students will develop their own brand and run their own promotional campaign.

The last unit students cover is Unit 1 – The Business Environment. This unit looks at different types of Businesses from local through to national. Students learn about how businesses analyse strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and identify ways to achieve a competitive advantage. Students will develop their own business ideas and produce business plans to show that they have though carefully about their idea.

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