Year 11 Study Leave

RE: Y11 Study Leave and Remaining Examinations

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I write to inform you that as of today, Monday 10th June, all Year 11 students have been placed on independent study leave. Therefore, it is now only compulsory that students attend College for any remaining GCSE examinations which they are still required to sit.

Over the remaining week it is the responsibility of students to ensure that they arrive at least 15 minutes prior to an examination to ensure ample time for the start of exams. Breakfast will continue to be served in the canteen from 8:00am for all Year 11 students.

We of course do not wish to prevent students from accessing revision in College with teachers for any examinations they are still to sit. Therefore, Year 11 staff will be available for supervised revision at the times and locations on the attached timetable.

We therefore ask that students comply with the following protocols:

  1. College rules and expectations on behaviour and conduct continue to apply.
  2. Students must not wander around the College during lesson time. They must either be with a teacher during a time on the attached revision timetable, or exit College via reception to complete independent study at home. It is for health and safety that students cannot remain in College unsupervised in the Central Forum, canteen or empty classrooms.
  3. Students must either attend and remain in College, or complete independent study at home. Again for safety reasons, students cannot enter and exit College continuously.
  4. Students must still attend College in full school uniform. Hoodies can be still be worn, but not during examinations for which blazers are still required. Shoes are also still compulsory, as are no piercings or false nails.
  5. Students must have their ID badges for all examinations.
  6. If any student does not comply with the protocols they will be asked to leave site.
  7. Students must still be available up to, and including, June 30th, which is the pre-planned exam contingency window in the event of a local or national disruption.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and encouragement during the GCSE examination period, and indeed throughout all of your child’s time as part of the Newman family. We, as well as yourselves, wish all of our Year 11 students the best of luck for their remaining examinations, and of course look forward to celebrating their successes with them in August. Details of GCSE results day will be sent to all parents and students in the final weeks.

Yours sincerely

Denis Maxwell – Assistant Headteacher for Achievement

Remaining Exam and Study Leave Timetable

Below is a timbale listing the remaining examinations, and also remaining revision opportunities should students wish to remain in College and revise with staff instead of independently from home. I must stress again that students cannot revise in College unsupervised. Should students wish to revise independently, this should be done at home.

Day9:00 – 11:3511:35-12:351:15-3:15
Tues 11th JuneMaths Paper 3 – 9.00amPeriod 3 History Revision – B11 & B12

Period 3 Combined Science & Triple Chemistry Revision – S1 & S8

History Paper 3 – 1.30pm
P4 and 5 Combined Science & Triple Chemistry Revision – Sci Hub
Wed 12th JuneTriple Science Chemistry Paper 2 – 9.00am

Combined Science Paper 4 – 9.00am

Period 3 Geography Revision – Central ForumPolish Higher Tier Listening/ Reading – 1.30pm
Thur 13th JuneGeography Paper 3 – 9.00amPeriod 3 Triple Physics Revision – V1Statistics Higher Tier Paper 1 – 1.30pm
P2 Triple Physics Revision – V1 & S12Period 4 Triple Physics Revision – S1
Fri 14th JuneTriple Science Physics – Paper 2
Tues 18th JuneStatistics Higher Tier Paper 2 – 9.00am
Wed 19th JunePolish Higher Tier Writing – 9.00am