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The Arbor Parent App will allow you as a parent/guardian to track your child/s attendance, behaviour, progress, homework, clubs and trips.  This app will replace MyEd and Satchel One.

You should have already received a "Welcome to Arbor" signup email if you have not or are struggling to access Arbor please contact our IT Support team at 


The app is available on both Apple and Android devices, and it is completely free and simple to use.  Arbor can also be accessed via web browsers on mobile, tablets or PCs.

If you have an Apple iPhone please click here to download

If you have an Android phone please click here to download

The Arbor site can also be accessed via an internet browser here if you wish to not use the app.


To login to the Arbor app, you'll need to either follow the link from your welcome email and then click onto "forgotten password" enter your email address, wait for a password reset email and then reset your password using the link or click here and do those steps.

Once signed in you'll need to confirm your child's date of birth and accept Arbor's terms and conditions.

If you are struggling to sign up or have any other issues with accessing Arbor contact our IT Support team via email here


Via the Arbor app/site you can keep the College updated with any changes to personal details, such as updating mobile phone numbers, emails.  You'll also be able to give consent to certain areas of school life such as biometrics for our cashless catering system or school visits for example.

You can see how to do this by following this link here: Seeing and updating my child's information on the Parent Portal or Parent App – Arbor Help Centre (


If you are still struggling, please reach out to our IT support team at 

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