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The college is a place of work and a smart appearance is expected at all 􀆟times. Therefore, students in all year groups
must wear full uniform at all 􀆟times. Wearing uniform smartly with pride helps us to show that we belong to our college community.


We ask that additions are not made to the uniform and that parents/carers encourage students to wear
their uniform in the correct way (e.g. shirts tucked in, school crest visible on skirts and not rolled over at the waist etc.)


The College blazer is ESSENTIAL at all times. An outdoor coat is also advisable, particularly during inclement weather.

  • Outdoor coats must be black or navy blue and should not contain any large-scale graphics or lettering anywhere on the coat.

  • Hooded tops or tracksuit tops are NOT PERMITTED in place of an outdoor coat, and must not be brought to college.

  • Lockers can be used to store coats during the college day.


It is expected that all pupils will carry their exercise books, pencil case, reading book, PE Kit and other equipment to college each day in a suitable bag or rucksack.


Handbags are not appropriate for carrying such items and should not be brought into college. Lockers can be used to store items such as PE kits to reduce the size and weight carried around the college.


In the interests of health and safety, jewellery is NOT permitted.


For the same reason, all other body piercings (even those not visible) are strictly forbidden. These are inappropriate for college and pupils will be instructed to remove them regardless of any time required for the piercing to establish.

HAIR AND Hairstyles

Pupils’ hair and hairstyles should make them feel comfortable. Styles should be neat in keeping with smartly worm uniforms and appropriate for school. Hair colours that are not natural, shaven heads, and lines are not permitted.

Plain hair bobbles and grips are permitted to manage and tie hair back.


Make -up, false tan, severe eyebrows, acrylic or gel nails, and nail varnish are inappropriate for college and must not be worn.

Expectations for Uniform


  • Black blazer with College badge.

  • College tie.

  • College jumper or tank top, purple trim on neck. (except when instructed by the headteacher during June and July)

  • Black tailored trousers or knee-length black college skirt, with college badge visible. Length must be to the knee. (Not 'skinny fit,' no lycra, no denim)

  • White formal shirt.

  • Plain black tights or plain black ankle socks WITHOUT any frills.

  • Plain black flat or low-heeled shoes. Shoes MUST NOT be trainer type or canvas, and must not display any brand names.

  • OPTIONAL: Plain purple head scarf. College issue. This can only be purchased from the college.



  • Polo shirt with College badge

  • Sports shorts with College badge

  • White short socks

  • Purple football socks​

  • Sports trainers. (Pumps are NOT suitable)

  • OPTIONAL: Shin pads, football boots

  • Optional for outdoor lessons in autumn and winter term: Black outdoor College fleece, black College tracksuit bottoms, black College waterproof jacket.

Items in bold italics can only be purchased from Monkhouse Schoolwear



  • College jumpers are compulsory items of uniform

  • Shirts are to be tucked into skirts/trousers at all times.

  • Blazers are to be worn at all times.

  • Ties are to be worn so that they cover the top 4 (unmodified) buttons of the shirt.

  • Skirts must be college design provided by Monkhouse schoolwear and the badge must be visible at ALL times.

  • Trousers are to be TAILORED and black in colour.  Jeans, tracksuit bottoms or cords are NOT ALLOWED.

  • Socks must be plain black WITHOUT ANY FRILLS. Long, knee high or white socks are NOT ALLOWED.

  • Hooded or tracksuit tops are NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances.

  • College uniform suppliers often stock items that the college will not permit. This is also the case for footwear.

  • Parents are encouraged to check directly with the college if they are unsure about any item of uniform.


Uniform can be purchased from Monkhouse

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