Pastoral Support - Mono

Miss Statham

Year Leader - Y7

Miss Collins

Pastoral Coordinator - Y7

Mr Waterhouse

Academic Coordinator - Y7

Mr Harrod

Year Leader - Y8

Mrs Lord

Pastoral Coordinator - Y8

Mrs Kearney

Academic Coordinator - Y8

Mr Potts

Year Leader - Y9

Mr Yarr

Pastoral Coordinator - Y9

Mrs McLaughlin

Academic Coordinator - Y9

Mrs Eckersall

Year Leader - Y10

Ms Greenwood

Pastoral Coordinator - Y10

Mrs Butler

Academic Coordinator - Y10

Mr Fitzgerald

Year Leader - Y11

Pastoral Coordinator - Y11

Mrs Humphries

Academic Coordinator - Y11



Pupils entering Newman College are placed in a form group with other pupils from their year group.

Pupil wellbeing and progress is carefully and regularly monitored. Pupils are supported through our pastoral care system in the form of Form Teachers, Year Leaders, Pastoral and Academic Co-ordinators. Pupils feel safe and secure and know that there are people who will listen to them and support them with the social and academic aspects of their college life..

The highest standards of uniform, behaviour and attendance are expected at all times in order that we can achieve ‘Dignity and Excellence’ for all our students.

Newman College has a distinctive Catholic ethos which strongly contributes to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development all members of the college community.