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Welcome to the Technology department...

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Mr Quigg
Subject Leader - Technology

Design and Technology is about developing creativity and imagination. Giving pupils opportunities to explore and experiment through practical experiences.


It offers opportunities to develop the transferrable skills future employers need: using initiative, organisation, communication, being innovative, good teamwork and being analytical. 

Students learn to design and make products that solve genuine, relevant problems or needs within different contexts whilst considering their own and other’ needs, wants and values. To do this effectively, pupils acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on additional disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing, and art.

Through the inclusion of the Design Engineer Construct! program we aim to develop pupils understanding of the built environment, the world around them and develop industry links with local and national companies such as Balfour Beatty and Countryside Properties.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10&11

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