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Elevate Education Sessions

Today our year 7 and 8 pupils had a one hour session from Elevate Education. The Elevate presenters were dynamic and engaging with our pupils, aiming to get the pupils to learn techniques of how to study, breaking down large text of information into memorable chunks. Pupils were amazing at how quickly information leaves our minds and how we must find ways to train our brains to help retain information.

Great examples modelled and then practiced by our pupils on the use of headings and sub headings, use of images and the importance of colour. As visual learning we are always looking for clues to help us recall important information, the pupils were given the chance to showcase how they could take lots of information and turn it into summary points which they could then talk about in more detail.

Well done year 7 and 8 for your focus and attention and most importantly the welcome you gave our guests.


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