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Mary Poppins Junior

"As the curtain closed on our final night of Mary Poppins JR, I could not be more proud of my amazing cast!  The prodigious display of talent, unwavering professionalism, and audacious spirit throughout our production was nothing short of exceptional. I have enjoyed every second spent working with these gifted young people; they are creative, they are kind, they are confident and they are a credit to me, their families, and our college."

Mrs Worsley


 “It was such a pleasure playing the role of Miss Andrews (the evil nanny). Thank you so much @NewmanRC_Drama for everything!! 🎭🥰”



 “What an amazing,talented group of young people! The staff and the school should be very proud! Excellent performance, We loved it!!!”



“Wow! What a fabulous production! So much talent on display 👏Well done @NewmanRC_Drama @MEdwardsMusic and our amazing pupils - I loved it!”



“Fantastic show last night at Mary Poppins @NewmanRCCollege We are so proud of our daughter and all the other’s involved the hard work and dedication you all have had for the last few months has paid off. Well done to everyone involved xx @NewmanRC_Drama”



“Absolutely blown away by the talent on display in @NewmanRCCollege production this evening.” (@NewmanRC_Head)


“Huge congratulations to @NewmanRC_Drama and everyone involved in the school production! It was amazing!! Great to see some of our wonderful chaplains displaying their God given talents too! Well done all! 🪁#spitspot”



“So proud of my Jane Banks 💛 fantastic performance by all the cast!  @NewmanRC_Drama Well done 👏🏻”



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