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Mary Poppins Junior Rehearsals

Get ready for an enchanting evening as the countdown to the opening night of Mary Poppins Junior has officially begun! Excitement fills the air as our talented cast balances nerves and anticipation. This marks our first production since the pandemic, making it a momentous occasion for all involved.

I am immensely proud of the dedication, perseverance, and professionalism displayed by our students. From dedicating their lunch breaks to rehearsals, to sacrificing a day of their half-term holiday, and even coordinating evening rehearsals over FaceTime, their commitment knows no bounds!

These remarkable individuals are the epitome of excellence, and we can't wait to showcase their talents on stage. But why wait until the curtains rise to meet our sensational superstars? Stay tuned each day next week to get acquainted with our extraordinary cast members, starting with some snapshots of yesterday's lunchtime rehearsal!


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