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Residents Letter re. Noise - 3rd July 2024

3rd July 2024 


The college is aware that our neighbours are experiencing an interruption to their lives from a noise that could be emanating from the college building. This noise, which has been recorded and shared with us, does suggest that it is both from the college and would cause annoyance and disruption. I cannot say for certain that the noise is coming from our building, but I have a very strong suspicion that it is.


The reason why I cannot be certain about the origins of the noise is that both the responsibility for it and the remedy that it must attract are neither within my gift nor ability to bring about. As a PFI school, we are beset by such matters on a regular basis and have no contractual right nor leverage to bring about change. For those residents who have lived near to the college for some time, they will have experienced this challenge with the buildings alarm system which triggers at unsociable points of the day and again, to which we have no control. For residents locally, the same could be said for inconsiderate parking of parents, a fact that we do our best to challenge and educate parents on, but which has increased since the new estate. We still hold out hope that the adoption of Canon Dolan Way will bring about ‘Fixed Penalty Notices’ to offenders in the surrounding streets, as it does in other schools in Oldham.


The building is operated by a facility management company called Equans, who report to a company named Amber who manage the contract with the council. Neither I, nor the governors are written in to the contract, nor do we have any ability to bring about lasting or urgent change without the council’s support and the owner’s willingness. As it stands, the owners of the building do not agree that the sound is a fault of the building and instead wish for complaints to be submitted to the council via a ‘Noise Complaint’ link on the LA website. I accept that this is not the answer our neighbours wish to hear and that this is likely to only cause more frustration amongst you; but I can only offer a factual response and apologise for an issue that is NOTHING to do with the college staff or students.


It is therefore with regret, that I must ask that you direct your concerns via the council as the college can bring about no change to this situation as we are not contractually able to influence a decision. Again, I am very sorry that we find ourselves in this position.


Yours sincerely,

Mr G R Potts MBE DL





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