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Year 11 - Geography Fieldwork Enquiry - Salford Quays

As part of the Geography GCSE, students must complete two geographical enquiries. One in a physical environment and one in a human environment. On Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th, Newman Geographers used the Metrolink (part of an integrated transport network and something that they have studied on their course), to travel to Salford Quays. Whilst in Salford Quays, our geographers were trying to answer the following question: 'Has regeneration in Salford Quays improved the local area? They prepared for this in class before attending, by considering their data collection methods and conducting a risk assessment. At Salford Quays they then conducted environmental quality surveys at six different locations. Three of the locations were areas that had been regenerated and three that hadn't. Students had a great day and were a credit to the school. They collected the data required to enable them to write this up and come to a conclusion on whether it had improved the local area.


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