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Year 7 Trip to Manchester Airport

50 Year 7 students yesterday had the opportunity to visit Manchester Airport Education Centre to have a tour around Terminal 2 and see how the Airport has developed job opportunities.

The students arrived at 10:00 and headed straight to the viewing area. From there, they watched planes take off and land, capturing glimpses of various airlines up close. Next, they attended a presentation on the airport’s history, learning about its development and changes over the years.

One of the highlights was exploring the flight deck of a disused Monarch plane. This sparked discussions about the diverse roles within an airport, including flight crew, maintenance staff, engineers, and emergency services.

The iconic Concorde made an appearance, leaving the students in awe. In the afternoon, they had a guided tour of Terminal Two, where they discovered the many roles people play to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for holidaymakers and visitors.

Overall, it was a memorable and informative outing for everyone involved!


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