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My Ed is the free parent app that gives you a multitude of communication and information features to stay in touch with what is going on at school. The app gives you direct access to your child’s attendance, timetable, absence records, achievements, behaviour and much, much more.

You will also see that we update and change the information in the app as the school year moves along. Go to to see a short video about the app.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices, and it is completely free and simple to use.

Installing the MyEd App

To download the app, you should go to either the Apple Appstore or the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.

The MyEd app icon will look like this:


Download and install the app.

Signing Up

Next, you will need to connect it to Newman RC College and make sure the details you enter match the details we hold for you in college. This enables the app to link to your child(ren), and provide you attendance, behaviour and other data.

Once you open the MyEd app, you will be asked to input your full name, your mobile number and your email address.


All of this information must match exactly with the information we hold for you in college. If it does not, you will still get access to all the college news, calendar etc. However, you will not receive information about your child.

Connection with pupil data will take overnight to synchronise. Therefore, if you can still not see pupil data after 24 hours you should contact the college IT team by email

Selecting Newman RC College

Once you have entered your details, you will then be taken to the school selection screen:

If you type “Newman” into the search box and click [Search], the app will find our school.

Click [Add School] to connect the MyEd app to Newman RC College. Then, the home page will open, where you will see all the different sections available.



These 9 links will take you to different areas of the MyEd app, for example, the Calendar button will show you the term and holiday dates.

More Information

For further information on the app, you can watch the video below from MyEd:

MyEd App Icon.gif
MyEd Apps.gif
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