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CCF Named Club of the Half Term


The CCF offers challenging and enjoyable activities for young people and prepare them to play an active part in the community while developing valuable life skills. The CCF are based on the traditions, values, and standards of their parent Service but they are not part of the Armed Forces.

They aim to provide challenging and enjoyable activities for young people living in the UK and to better prepare them for their role in the community. Not only do cadets have the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in adventurous activities in disciplined and well-structured organisations, they may also gain nationally recognised qualifications based on their achievements. Depending on the grade achieved these qualifications can equate to GCSEs and may help cadets in their future education and career.

Timings of the Club: Tuesdays after school 3.30-5.30pm Years 8-11

Pupil Testimonies:

"For me, cadets has been extremely beneficial. It has taught me so many life lessons both physically and mentally. Before cadets, I didn't know how to iron or polish boots or to take pride in the precision of my clothes. Cadets has taught me how to work as a team but also shown me how to be confident in a situation and lead in many cases before where I would have been scared too. I have had the opportunity to do many great things with cadets ranging from carrying a standard on Remembrance day to carrying a standard in Lordes as part of the first group of cadets to go to the International Military Pilgrimage. In my honest opinion, cadets has helped shape me into the person I am today as I try to show courage, discipline, respect, integrity, loyalty, and selfless commitment in everything I put my mind to." Louis Fortune.

'Cadets has given me life skills, has allowed me to make new friends, take on new responsibilities and has helped me to become a more confident person' Patrick Hevering.

'Honestly my time at cadets has been so good and I'm so glad I joined, my experience has been amazing, especially the camps. At first, I was really scared because I knew that there were older years but we actually all get along really well and I've built strong bonds there.' Harvey Ward

'Its been a place of comfort where I've found a second family. I feel like I belong there.' Henry Buckley

'During CCF, I have found various different subjects that I like. You have to work hard and listen to achieve what you want in cadets and it can be tiring but its so worth it. In my opinion, I love it. It feels like I'm always in the right place.' Solomon Adamolekun

'Cadets has opened a portal for me to relax, learn new skills and has heightened my sense for survival. The CDRILS basics (courage discipline, respect, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment) have all been installed within me over my time in cadets and I will always be grateful for that.' Keiran Silika

'CCF has helped me with the long-term factors. For example, it has helped me with my organsiation skills and my hand eye coordination. It has helped me make more friends since I started school later than a lot of people in my year and has helped me to become more confident in speaking in front of people which will help me after school when getting a job. CCF has helped me with a wide range of things and i am so glad that i joined it. CCF has helped me manage to pass my DofE bronze and soon my silver , they have also helped me to improve on my anxiety and has made me smile a lot more than i used to before i joined cadets. CCF is like a second home and im so glad i joined it” Charlie

Parent Testimonies:

'Charlie has developed in so many ways since starting CCF in year 8. Even with COVID getting in the way taht didn't stop her from joining and still interacting on zoom with her peers. Two years on, and I can see her confidence blooming. She's got her DofE bronze under her belt and is steadily progressing through her silver.

Every week, Charlie is involved the leadership role of helping the new enrolled cadets and she loves teaching them what she has learnt in her time there. Charlie has flourished with the challenges she has been faced with and she's really proud of her achievements.

Shes had amazing opportunities to travel that she would never have gotten outside of CCF, Lourdes being the major highlight and London. Charlie has spoken about carrying on with cadets after she leaves Newman to progress within the ranks and pass on skills.

Overall, Charlie is thriving in school, her behaviour has vastly improved; she's grew a lot of respect for teachers and build mutual relationships which I put down to the learning in cadets, understanding within the advanced role and the responsibility that comes with it.

The volunteers within the cadet force are exemplary, they have a fantastic bond with the cadets and are outstanding role models for the children. The communication is great and I feel 100 percent confident that she is safe and well looked after on camps.' Parent

'Henry has had a wonderful time and hes grown up so much during the time he has spent in the CCF.' Parent

'My son is really enjoying his time at cadets. The camps and trips have been particularly good in developing his confidence and ability to take responsibilities.' Parent.

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