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Year 9 Geography Fieldwork

On Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March our Year 9 Geographers took to Manchester to conduct a Geographical fieldwork enquiry.

Our Geographers were trying to address their fieldwork enquiry question: ‘Has Manchester’s Integrated Transport Network been effective at reducing traffic congestion?’

Students prepared for this enquiry in the classroom prior to the fieldwork. They conducted a risk assessment and identified data collection methods that would help them to address the aim of their enquiry.

Our students then went into the centre of Manchester to conduct the enquiry. They travelled by Metrolink to/from Manchester and wasted no time in collecting data to help them answer their question. This included a people count, to see how busy the public transport was and an environmental quality survey to assess whether the tram was an attractive alternative to the car.

When in Manchester they conducted a range of data collection methods. This included a pedestrian count and a traffic survey as this would provide an indicator as to how successful Manchester has been at reducing cars. They also created annotated field sketches of traffic prohibition signs and of the segregated cycle lanes, walkways and bus routes to explain how Manchester have tried to discourage cars/encourage the use of public transport, walking and cycling.

Finally, our geographers plucked up the courage to ask members of the public about their travel experience by completing questionnaires! This helped us to gain a clearer understanding of how people had travelled to Manchester and the reasons for their method of transport.

Upon their return students completed a preliminary analysis. The evidence suggested that, overall, Manchester’s Integrated Transport Network has been successful at reducing traffic congestion. Students conduct a more detailed analysis, following the Easter holidays, to reach a conclusion.

It was a fantastic day and our students were a credit to the school and their families.


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